United States of Japan inspired Super Mario Maker Level


I’ve been hooked on Super Mario Maker level and can’t put it down. Everything from its beautiful manual to the intuitive gameplay and creation kit, I’ve just put aside the million things I had to do this weekend to focus on crafting these Mario levels. I have a mini review coming out from Entropy later today as well as an Entropy themed level that sort of captures my thoughts on the concept, ha ha. I’ve been playing a lot of the other levels and people are soooo creative. I’m really blown away by how different people can weave together the same parts into something completely new. I wish I had this when I was growing up! Wanted to share the beginnings on my United States of Japan inspired level that I’ll be working on over the week. I have a few writing assignments due by the end of the week which I got to finish up, but wish I could just work on this level, ha ha. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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