Another cool map from Chang Yune inspired by United States of Japan


Chang Yune has designed some really stylish maps inspired by United States of Japan. I love the noirish contrast of the crimson on black, the emptiness filled in by the geography and how they both complement each other and clash at the same time. I’m super honored to be the source of such inspiration, especially with so little of the book out there. I do have an essay I’m pretty excited about coming out this week which I hope will shed a little more light on the origins of USJ and get into some of the things that inspired me. In the meantime, just really enjoying this great art. Thanks so much CY! There’s a few more in the series I’ll post in the upcoming week. It was a really nice Labor Day weekend, editing, catching up on some comics, TV shows, as well as finally seeing the Wind Rises by Miyazaki. Likewise, hope everyone had a great weekend!


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