One of those weeks…


Sometimes, you have those weeks you’d rather forget. And then other times, you have days where everything goes your way. I actually start feeling nervous if things go too well as I wonder, when are things going to flip and implode, ha ha. Last week was one of those weeks where everything was firing on the right cylinders. Even my cards at a texas hold ’em game came up really nice, with seating by card positioning both turning up aces. I’ve read how people hate the “vague” posts expressing and hinting at something happy, and forgive me as I’ll be guilty of that right now. All I can say is, something I’ve been working on for a really really long time has reached fruition, and I could not be more giddy and ecstatic. My feeling actually was encapsulated in this photo of me with Snoopy from a few months back when we took a trip to San Jose and Great America, my first huge roller coaster park outside of Magic Mountain. Thanks to Angela for taking this photo of me looking dumb, ha ha. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


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