A Raskolnikoff by Emmanuel Bove Review at Entropy


“Brian Evenson refers to a “secret history” of literature, “a stratum of books and authors without whom contemporary literature would not be possible but who have somehow been pushed to the side, neglected, forgotten.” Bove is one of those authors, a writer whose work I’d never read before this one.He wrote A Raskolnikoff as part of a series of books based on the imaginary chronologies of fictional characters. Inspired by Dostoyeksky’s Crime and Punishment, we follow a pair of wanderers, Changarnier and Violette, in a raw and emotionally unnerving odyssey. Most of the story revolves around their relationship, both to each other and the society around them. Changarnier is brutally honest with himself, so much so that he’s torn by his own ambivalence. Life’s platitudes are no comfort and his seeming apathy is exacerbated by his remorse”

I wrote a review of a Raskolnikoff by Emmanuel Bove from Red Dust Books at Entropy. The thing that struck me most was how influential Bove had been, and yet, before this book, I’d never even heard of him. It actually had me thinking a lot about the fate of most writers. It’s sad to say, despite all the sweat, tears, and sleepless nights, most writers will be forgotten, their books not even mentioned as historical footnotes. How many of you have even heard of Bove? And that in many ways becomes one of the central allegories of the book where, independent of their destination, they just keep on walking. I have no delusions about my own writing, lol. I love my books, am deeply passionate about them, but know they will fade away, “like tears in rain.” Still, I’ll try to make the tears as beautiful and poignant as possible on their way to hitting the ground, ha ha.



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