with an amazing preview of United States of Japan


As some of you may know, I was so thrilled when the official announcement for United States of Japan was made on I was doubly thrilled when a preview with coverage of the book was published on Tor a little while later. Tor is one of the best sites around, so it was pretty awesome to say the least. And the little tidbits from my bio, as well as more about about USJ was cool to read. Thanks to Niall and!

Editing is progressing well. I want to take my time making sure everything is as good as can be and getting the quality of the story to the point where I want it to be. Upping the quality requires a lot of patience and honesty with yourself. I feel like your instincts will often tell you what works and what doesn’t, and a lot of times, I’ll ignore them, clinging to a scene I love even if I know it doesn’t really belong. That’s often where an editor can help, and the more brutal they are, the better your work will be. Iterations are what help take something to the next level, as does knowing where to cut and when to expand. A lot of those instincts come from reading a whole lot, and also, surprisingly, editing other people’s work which lets you see some of their strengths and weaknesses reflected in your own writing. Still, to counter what I just said, one of my most popular stories, Chronology of an Egg, is probably one of those works I spent the least time on as it just poured out of me, lol. So maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about (though I realize I’m talking novels not so much as short stories).


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