United States of Japan gets some Fan Art


United States of Japan got this really cool fan art from Chang Yune last night. Chang Yune asked me a bunch of questions about geography and layout, who controls what, etc. I loved the questions (what writer doesn’t like talking about their world, lol), and was really impressed and grateful for this cool image, sort of laying out the sphere of control the USJ wields. With alternate histories, you can get into so many of the details, and as a writer, you really need to do your homework. I’m glad in preparation for the edits, I was re-reading a lot of the historical material because it was a fun exchange. I love the design aesthetic, the way the broad strokes of the red and white contrast with the USJ logo. Chang Yune was gracious enough to permit me to share the image (thank you!), and hope it provokes and intrigues you =)


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