Fangirl Nation Covers United States of Japan


There was a very cool writeup of USJ at FangirlNation. FGN did an incredible review of Bald New World, as well as a really fun interview, so I was very grateful for the article. The reception to the announcement has been fantastic, and I admit, in some ways, it’s interesting hearing people’s take on what they think USJ will be. In some ways, as a writer, you have to be careful how comments from friends and readers will influence your writing. In USJ’s case, as the book is done (and just in editing), I feel much more secure, he he. Finding that right balance of being able to incorporate feedback while staying true to your vision is a fine line, and one you’re always having to juggle. For me, one of the biggest ways I do that is to try to limit what I read (in terms of books) and watch (film and TV-wise). Several people have asked if I’ve seen the pilot for The Man In the High Castle, and I’ve wanted to. At the same time, I didn’t want it to be an influence, even subconsciously, so I’ve intentionally refrained. I can’t wait to see it, along with the whole season, next year.

I have a couple essays brewing on the near horizon. I want to get as much of this writing done before I take a plunge into the editing and immerse myself totally in revisions.

Finally, here’s a little from the FGN article:

Author Peter Tieryas is no stranger to speculative Science Fiction. His novel, Bald New World, discussed the deep complexities of a world obsessed with their appearances since the sudden mass hair shed of the entire population.


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