Super Mario Candy (Japan) and Tor Buttons


I got really into my new Super Mario essay for, even going so far as to pick up Super Mario candy/chocolate. Interestingly enough, the different packages color-matched some Tor buttons I’d received, which was pretty cool (you can see the rocket ship buttons on top of their corresponding color). I’ll post more about the essay itself later, but mainly, I was surprised seeing all the different Mario merchandising at the Japanese market, presumably meaning that there’s a lot more of these kind of tie-ins in Japan. Angela and I have been playing Super Mario 3D World and it’s a blast, hearkening to the powers of Super Mario Brothers 2. At the same time, having just replayed Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is arguably the most innovative game ever developed, World felt like a retread than a huge step forward. Of course, the incorporation of the multiplayer into 3D Mario World is brilliant and part of the reason why they couldn’t do many of the crazy awesome level designs of Galaxy 2. Here’s my hoping for a Mario Galaxy 3 on Wii U! =)


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