Tieryas Reviews Hunger Darkness by Gabino Iglesias


“Prepared to be crushed to death. Or at least feel the palpable intensity of Gabino Iglesias’s Hungry Darkness (Severed Press). This is a taut, subterranean thriller that almost never lets up, an underwater descent into the nooks and crevices of human nature, or at least its absurdities. It’s a short novella that will leave you gasping for breath, and part of the anxiety is trying to figure out the mystery behind the sea monster. Less Moby Dick, and more like Jaws mixed with Godzilla and tentacles, there is a whole lot of death. As the corpses pile up, Iglesias humanizes the suffering. These aren’t just faceless victims, but each has a backstory, a set of relatable movies, heightening the sense that their deaths are as tragic as their attempt to flee the inevitability of a natural disaster.”

I reviewed Hungry Darkness by Gabino Iglesias. It’s a short novella, and I raced through it. Honestly, my schedule has been crazy busy. I have books I’ve agreed to review from almost a year to two back, not to mention articles and stories I still owe various places, as well as my own book edits I need to make. But Gabino, who’s one of the sharpest writers around, is someone I had to make time for. What a blast to read!



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