Disintegration by Richard Thomas Review at Entropy


“In Disintegration by Richard Thomas, the breakdown of the mind is represented in his breakdown of language, a lexicon of destruction, dissipation, and dissolution. Violence is both lyrical and jarring, and Thomas burns our ears, scorching expectations. There’s a visceral, gut-wrenching intensity that wracks at readers in short throbs that would be overwhelming if not for their poetic evisceration. Lust consumes, rage devours, loneliness pervades. The melancholy whispers of regret haunt the narrator, fueling his assassinations.”

I reviewed Disintegration at Richard Thomas at Entropy.

“The geography of Disintegration’s Chicago is bleak, fierce, and unforgiving. It’s the destitution of a man grasping at the outskirts, a no hands barred, unrelenting descent into insanity. It can be a brutal ride if you’re not prepared, as divisive as the events that take place. There are times where you will question the unnamed narrator and even be disgusted.”



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