From Quantum Tunneling Devices to BioMimetics: The 10 Strangest Transports in Non-Driving Games


Some say gaming transports us to other worlds. With outsourcing and digital forms of communication becoming so advanced, will there come a day when we won’t even need to leave our homes? Work from your house, communicate with friends via Google Hangouts, buy groceries online, then stream all your games and movies. One of the greatest legacies the Romans left behind was their amazing network of roads connecting the Empire together. Will future nations showcase their advancement by their complete lack of roads?

In anticipation of this car-less future, we’ve put together a list of the strangest modes of transportation for protagonists in non-driving games… starting with a shoe.

Together with co-writer N. Ho Sang, we wrote about the strangest transports in non-driving games for, drawing on physics, quantum mechanics, and fantasy shoes. But my favorite part was the chance to talk about a game I tested on long time ago, Star Wars Super Bombad Racing. It brings back so many memories…

It was fascinating seeing Bombad Racing come together, a big-headed Darth Maul and Jar-Jar Binks with a kiddish Anakin Skywalker all racing each other. Bombad Racing had a great team and it also marked my eventual transition into the art department, as well as writing game manuals. All these years later, firing up the game on the PS2, I can’t say I enjoyed it, but it was uncanny how it evoked so many vivid memories; it also made me remember some of my concerns from that time, like if I’d be able to eventually get my own car.



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