Awesome Reddit Thread about my Tor Essay on Ultima IV


The Ultima IV essay was special to me for a number of reasons, one being how much I loved the game as a kid. Writing the piece brought back a whole lot of memories and the ways it inspired me, not just as a writer, but as a person. Those virtues, seemingly easy when you state them, are so hard to strive after in practice. Valor, honesty, compassion, justice, spirituality, humility, honor, and sacrifice. I know I would be a terrible avatar in real life, but that’s part of what an avatar represents- an ideal. I was thrilled that Reddit had a very cool thread going about Ultima IV as well as RPGs in general based on the essay. For a while, it was one of the hottest posts on the Games thread, which was pretty exciting. Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday! I’ve been playing around with the idea of trying to dive into Ultima V which talks about the corruption of the avatar’s religion.

And pasting in some parts of the thread I enjoyed reading.

ultimaivreddit03 ultimaivreddit02 ultimaivreddit01


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