My story, Phobia, Published at Gargoyle


Gargoyle is one of the best damn literary magazines out there. Each issue is a gorgeous tome full of great poetry, fiction, and nonficton. The new issue is no exception and has a fantastic lineup. I’m extremely grateful to them for including my Shanghai romance in it, a strange love story based on phobias. Also, big thanks to Hong T. Le to whom this story is dedicated. I’m always thrilled to get print copies of my work as many of my stories are published in digital magazines. There’s nothing quite like holding a book in your hands, and their editorial staff is awesome. A lot of times, people ask me if they should self-publish or not. Everyone should make their own determination, but on a microscopic level, one of the biggest things you’ll miss is the joy of working together with an awesome editor to chisel and sharpen your story into something you can be proud of. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

gargoyle00 gargoyle01


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