My First Time Doing Yoga


I did yoga for the first time with Angela recently. It was tough, way harder than I thought it was going to be. I was less focused on getting my breathing right than getting through the workout, especially some of the tougher poses. Towards the end of the session, our instructor had us lay down and breathe by ourselves. She dimmed all the lights and she played music, singing a chant. For some reason, probably a mix of exhaustion and unfamiliarity with the room, I felt scared. It was like my body was transported somewhere else and I was all alone in a dark void, unable to see the future, distractions, detractors, and negativity all around me, only hearing this beautiful music to remind me I was alive. It made me think of the planet, drifting all alone in space, how tenuous our thread to existence was as even a slight shift would have global impact. It was right then I felt Angela hold my hand, wrap her fingers around mine. Even though I couldn’t see anything, I breathed easy. “Omm,” the instructor chanted before the lights came back on.


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