I kind of miss Borders and Hollywood Video


I can’t believe January has already passed by. We were doing some winter cleaning and getting rid of unused cards (esp. ones on my key chain) when I saw these two. I used to visit Borders all the time and before Netflix, Hollywood Videos (and Blockbuster) were my two destinations for strange, obscure films (along with the latest hits). Both of them are gone now and I have to admit, it makes me sad. With Borders, I often see buildings that still have the old faded logo and all these years later, are still empty. I loved the way Borders had the best of everything in one place; movies, music, and books. It would bring so much excitement just to be able to find a random book, peruse the first few pages or so, skim, and then buy it. The same with music samples I would listen to at the station, put on those big earphones and decide if it was something I enjoyed. I know Barnes and Noble has become the new book store of choice, and I really enjoy B&N, but I’ll still always miss being able to go spend whole afternoons in Borders, wandering, discovering.


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