Folio Prize Banner of Nominated Books


The Folio Prize made this very cool banner of the nominated books and I was thrilled to see Bald New World’s cover among so many great books. The shortlist announcement is just two weeks away, and while I’m not holding my breath too much, ha ha, especially considering the greats on the list, I can’t wait to see the books that make it. It’s been a fun, if tiring, week, and I’m actually thrilled that in a few hours, one of my favorite pieces of the year will be going up at Kotaku. I spent a lot of time researching Majora’s Mask and even spent a few hours playing it last night. I wish I had 3 days to redo over and over. There’s a lot of games I’d play, lots of books I’d read, and lots of stories to write. On the gaming front: Soul Blazer and Grim Fandango. On the book front: Iain M. Banks and a bunch of nonfiction. Writing: endless, ha ha. Have a great week everyone!



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