9 Video Games That Left Us Defenseless and Scared Published at Kotaku with over 100K views


In our latest publish at Kotaku, Narelle and I talk about being left and defenseless and scared in videogames, from Metroid to Resident Evil and Chrono Trigger. This was a really different kind of list and I really enjoyed writing it. Plus, it got over a 100K views which is always amazing! Big thanks to Kotaku and all its fantastic readers. This is a little bit I wrote on Final Fantasy VI.

In one of the most shocking and traumatizing gaming moments of our childhood, Kefka succeeded in destroying the world. Celes woke up on a deserted island, all of her friends missing, the planet dying. “The few others who washed up here with us passed away of boredom and despair.” We even failed to keep Cid alive after feeding him poisoned fish. While you did still have your items, everything else was missing. Hopelessness overwhelms her. What good are swords and espers when everyone you cherish is dead?




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