First Reading of 2015


I’ve been sick all week, so it was nice to recover just in time for this weekend to take part in a cool reading. I had a really great time reading with some amazing readers. Emily was the perfect host, and read some amazing and fun selections. Liz’s piece had us laughing out loud, but also gave lots of insight into gender and relationships that was also an entertaining ride. Mk’s poetry tonight was provocative, lyrical, and very thoughtful. Loved the last poem which was the first one she wrote. Emily read Joe Trinkle’s selection which fit really with the theme of the gentlemen’s companion. There was some great food, awesome alcohol selection, and I got to talk about baldies, ha ha. I love readings because it’s a chance to directly interact with brand new readers. You feel their energy when you’re doing good, and you can also feel their lethargy if you’re not. Fortunately, this was a great crowd and honestly, I felt like I could have kept on going after I concluded! ha ha. I left early to get back to Angela who’s also been feeling under the weather, but normally enjoy mingling and getting to know people, as well as hearing strange stories about hair. Some of the more interesting from last night: a guy who had a waxing on all his back hair; the fact that owner of razor blade companies would probably be contemplating suicide if this happened; and how difficult it would be to read emotions without eyebrows. The latter is especially something, in retrospect, I should have highlighted in Bald New World. I guess there’s always time for a sequel. Have a great week everyone! (photos just from my phone as I didn’t bring any fancier gear tonight without Ang)

IMG_4759 IMG_4766


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