Bald New World Alternative Pulp Cover


I mentioned my publisher had updated the Bald New World cover with the Folio Prize nomination. An artist I really respect, Bonny John, helped design a new BNW logo for the game we’re working on (I love the city within the logo). Working with Angela, we incorporated the new logo and designed a new back cover that is a throw back to the old pulp fiction novels we love with their look grainy that looks sort of beat down. It’s inspired by one of the later characters in the book, and it was fun designing it together as we tried to capture a pose that embodied a different aspect of BNW. As for the game, I’ve started putting together a little trailer, just to show our progress, and hope to release that soon. I was originally going to develop it in Unity (after a prototype in RPG Maker) but a friend just recommended another engine, so I’ll look into that more. Either way, I’m excited to make some progress and have been playing several different PC RPGs to get inspired (including Planescape Torment which surprisingly has a lot of text). Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.


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