7 Books I Wish Were Adventure Games at Kotaku


Over the break, I had the chance to do a lot of reading, and one of my favorites had to be Octavia Butler’s Lilith Brood. I’ve been hearing about this series for a long time now, and it’s brilliant, scary, and provocative. I could not put it down. About a week and a half ago, I wrote a piece on adventure games I’d love sequels for, and during some of the comments, I was talking with two friends about how I’d love a Culture game based on Iain M. Banks’s world. Together, this inspired this new piece on books I’d love to see as adventure games, including some off kilter choices like Moby Dick and Howard Zinn’s People’s History. It’s my first story/article of 2015 and I was thrilled it was about another two topics I love, books and gaming =)

Some of the best adventure games are based on books, and two of the games from our Obscure Adventures Games We Want Sequels For, Blade Runner and I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, have literary roots. Even Mojo has a Kafkaesque inspiration. This got me thinking in turn about some of my favorite literary works that I would love to see as adventure games, the unique intersection between novels and gaming, narrative and puzzles. These are the books that I would love to see expanded on, visualized, and experienced (with creative license given), just in adventure game form.

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