Nine Obscure Adventure Games We Wish Had Sequels Published at Kotaku


Shortly after I started at LucasArts, I got put on Escape from Monkey Island. In preparation for it, LucasArts gave me one of the best moments of my career; a whole summer to play adventure games. I played Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, Phantasmagoria, Day of the Tentacle, and so many more. I loved those games, loved the writing and the narratives that pushed the boundaries of storytelling (more developers should give time to their employees just to splurge on their favorite games!) I was thrilled to get to talk about some of the more obscure adventure games out there for Kotaku. Every one of these games is unique and worth playing, even if some are disturbing. As always, real happy to be writing with N. Sang, and Editor Tina Amini is amazing and one of the best editors to work with. The intro to the piece:

Every few years, someone will sound the death knell for adventure games and then some developer will come along and break up the eulogy… Adventure games began as some of the earliest attempts at bridging novels and gameplay. The best of them challenge our notions of traditional story-telling and immerse us into the narrative with quirky characters and puzzle-solving we hope won’t require an FAQ.

And always thrilled to be among the Kotaku selects!




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