Cool Entropy Image by Angela and a state of the union for our first year


When I look back on this year, one of the biggest endeavors we undertook was Entropy. It started off with casual discussions with Janice towards the end of last year, and I had a real blast being involved with the magazine, especially as it took off during AWP. Being an editor really helped me to gain a new perspective on writing, editing, and working with other writers. It was also fantastic being surrounded by so many amazing people. Here’s a little bit from the state of the union:

We’re so proud and excited to see the ways Entropy is growing and pushing the boundaries of even what we had hoped for when we started. The content is absolutely brilliant and diverse, and I’m excited everyday to see what’s new. It’s so rare to be able to find a group of people you not only really enjoy working with, but respect. I don’t agree with all the opinions expressed in the articles we publish. In fact, some, I’ll outright disagree. But that’s part of what makes the site so special is that it encompasses multiple views and creates a forum for divergent perspectives that get you thinking about issues from gaming to questions of identity.

What also amazes me are the numbers for the first year: over 160,000 visitors and 250,000 page views so far. On top of that, it’s been very cool being part of this lit community and helping foster its growth. Due to work obligations and a whole lot of traveling, I stepped away as executive editor and now, I fill in where I can (most recently, I contributed to the Entrofeed section to try to help expand it for the night crowd). At the same time, it’s kind of weirdly exciting seeing the site grow in ways I hadn’t imagined. I don’t know where Entropy is going, or how it’ll grow, but as I say at the end: “We revel in the Entropy of literary madness. Chaos has never been so sublime.”

(bonus, image above is Angela’s based on musical notes she assembled into a cool collage)


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