“Neon lit, vividly iridescent, yet never feeling heavier than a perfect slice of parfait, this book is one amazing balancing act between gritty drama, astonishing audacity, mesmerising supposition and tenderly observed characterisations.” Amazing Review of Bald New World


Future Fire did this incredible review of Bald New World that nearly made my fall off my seat. It’s been just six months since Bald New World has come out, and the reception has been humbling. But this review, wow, this review just blew me away. There’s so much insight, so much thoughtfulness, I didn’t even know how to respond when I first read it. Check it out. Thanks Future Fire!

Screaming out from the pages is the fetishisation of the body, and thus we are presented with people through the body; its appearance and its needs. As a visual artist, Nick notices first how people look; their features and clothes and bodies before they even have much of a chance to open their mouths. Without hair, the world’s beauty industries have gone into overdrive, and Nick, as a child of the era, and a fashion photographer as well as previous official war correspondent, provides all tactile sense with data: sight, taste (food is heaped up into almost obscene mounds of mouth-watering detail), smell and colour.



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