The Strangest Pets in Gaming Published at Kotaku


Since I’m a strange guy, I wrote about strange pets with a strange writer on a strange day and a stranger morning at Kotaku.

Jellybeans have special powers which was why Boston confectioner William Schrafft urged Americans to send them to soldiers during the Civil War. It’s also why David Crane, designer of the original Pitfall, felt they were the best way to advance the adventure game genre as a whole. I love all jellybeans except licorice, even though it changes my blob into a ladder which is super useful. Apples turn him into a jack, tangerine into a trampoline, and root beer into a rocket. I just ate a thousand jellybeans and my belly is now rounder than the blob. Actually, I think I’m turning into a blob. I can’t stop eating them. This strawberry flavored one just turned me into a bridge and this banana turned me into an anvil. Is there a jellybean that’ll turn me back into a kid again?


One thought on “The Strangest Pets in Gaming Published at Kotaku

  1. Gaming in general needs more pets, animals aren’t hard to impose character development on and they create a more believable world, they are probably the least in to most out characters you can put in a game!

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