One of my favorite brunches in Paris was at Claus


Great brunches were hard for me to find in Paris. Part of it was because there were so many amazing pastry shops scattered throughout the city, by the time I got to anywhere I was going, I’d already bought and eaten a bundle of croissants and sweets that had filled me. One worth going to, especially if you’re traveling near the Louvre, is called Claus. Using the most fresh of ingredients, it was one of the few breakfasts I had that I savored. All the breads were freshly baked and had that “zing” about them. The main store is really nice and has a local Parisian feel about it. The upstairs dining area almost felt like an apartment converted into a restaurant. Like most French restaurants, eating is about the companionship and enjoying the meal. Even for tourists like us on the run, they showed a great deal of patience, promptly bringing us our check without that coffee or cappuccino ha ha. If you’re tired of microwaved omelets, check out Claus.

claus02 claus03

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