My Favorite Restaurant in Geneva was surprisingly Mexican Food at Mañana

Geneva is super expensive and I was shocked at how pricey food was. While there were lots of interesting food (especially as it’s such an international city with the UN and all), the burn on our pockets made every meal less enjoyable (especially a Chinese dinner that cost $50 but tasted like one of those cheap lunch specials you could get for $5.95 in the States). I appreciated the cheese fondue and the perch fillet, but my favorite meal was one we picked out randomly, just because we hadn’t had Mexican food in so long. Mañana was the name, not far from the train station. They’d recently changed chefs, and I really loved the food here. It wasn’t the best Mexican food I’ve ever had (that’s saved for a few choice places I had in Mexico directly), but the ingredients were fresh and the cheese on the enchiladas and nachos were pretty freaking awesome. Plus, the service was excellent. Some pictures below. The reviews I found online were less friendly, so take this recommendation with a grain of salt, though I’d definitely go back.

manana01 manana02 manana02b manana03


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