“Peter Tieryas Liu’s Bald New World displays inventiveness both wild and thorough in its creation of a dystopic future born of the inexplicable but world-changing event of the Great Baldification.” -Necessary Fiction Reviews Bald New World


Necessary Fiction reviewed Bald New World, and what an epic review. This is my favorite kind of criticism, one that engages the work, struggles with parts, analyzes deeper meanings. It’s not all positive (nor should any good review be), but even the negatives shine for me. Thanks again to Editor Michelle Bailat-Jones! (Photo is from Rome)

“The wealth of the hair industry is to Nick’s world as the wealth of the entertainment industry is to our own, where it is vast but not so vast as the wealth of oil, or whatever may replace it. As for their relative political power, we may prefer the entertainment industry’s illusions to the fracked landscape given us by drilling and pipelines, but our preferences don’t make our preferred illusions real.This incongruity, of course, can be read as the foundational joke of Bald New World, with the laugh finally on us.”


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