Goodbye HTMLGiant


I was so sad to hear the news that HTMLGiant, one of my favorite sites around, was closing down. I can’t even begin to tell you what a big debt I owe as a writer to the site, not to mention that Entropy would never have happened without all the people I met through HTMLG. It’s had a bit of a bumpy road of late, but I had always assumed it would come out stronger than ever. It’s a great loss to the literary world and I wrote about my thoughts on the site at Entropy, using one of my favorite HTMLG formats, the 25 points review. Here are the first five:

1) Entropy could not exist without HTMLGiant; the connections, the spirit, and the people, tied together in the form of a digital bazaar bartering for ideas.

2) I’m adopting the 25 Points which was one of my favorite formats on the site.

3) My very first article for the site was about the graphic novel, 100 Bullets. My very last was a book review of Kyle Muntz’s Green Lights. In between, I wrote about science fiction, video games, existential novels, and a lot of really cool books.

4) HTMLGiant was something different for everyone.

5) HTMLGiant was a giant, is a giant, will always be a giant. I’m grateful to Blake Butler and Gene Morgan for having given birth to it and I’m grateful to all the amazing writers throughout its existence that fostered, adopted, and nurtured the site into a sort of canopy of literary weirdness that disturbed, provoked, made me laugh out loud, and at times shattered me into pieces of broken glass you’d only find in cathedrals to dead religions.


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