The Best Pasta in Venice: Dal Moro’s

Overall, the Italian food I’ve had in Italy has been very disappointing. A lot of it is meant for tourist’s so basically tastes a notch below microwave pasta or pizza you can get at a supermarket. In fact, buying organic pasta and sauce at Wholefood’s and cooking it together tastes better than some of the cardboard pizzas I’ve had here. It’s been a challenge, and something even other Italians will point out as many of the restaurants near tourist sites rely on location rather than quality of food to sell. So it takes effort, research, and some trekking to find great food that uses fresh ingredients. Fortunately, my favorite pasta in Venice, no, all of Italy, is not that far from St. Mark’s square, even if a little hard to find. It’s called Dal Moro’s and with almost 3,000 reviews on TripAdvisor testifying at its 4.5 rating, it’s damn good. When you first find it, you’ll most likely see a bunch of people standing around carrying what looks like to-go Chinese food boxes. You’ll see people eating raptly. When you arrive, there will most likely be a line. It smells so good from outside and when you enter, you’ll find a crew that’s friendly, thoughtful, and funny. The menu is interesting in that you choose your pasta, your sauce, and your toppings. I tried five different ones and all were fantastic (the lady there even recognized me the second time I went back and joked with me about my return). My favorite had to be the bolognese with chicken meat, cut up pieces of ham, spicy olives, and the cheese. Damn, the cheese is good. And you have to eat it while it’s fresh and hot. In fact, the box might burn you so prepare napkins. The taste is savory and such a contrast to the crap I’d been being fed, I felt joyous. My stomach thanked me. So did my mouth. The price is pretty cheap (even with all the selections, my pasta was under 10 Euro, which, considering many other places charged double that for crappy pasta, felt like a savings). The one disadvantage is that there’s no seating and you pretty much have to eat outside standing. But that can also be awesome. Our last night there, Angela and I got one of their pastas, walked about five minutes to a square, sat down, watched the sun set while enjoying our pasta in Venice and listened to musicians playing. It was the perfect evening and I was so happy to be there together with her (unlike my first trip when I wandered alone). Is it the best pasta I’ve ever had? No. But it’s up there. If you’re in Venice, make sure to give Dal Moro’s a visit.

(Pictures below, but they don’t do the food justice).

Calle De La Casseleria, 5324 | Castello, 30122 Venice, Italy (Formerly Alfredino’s – Fresh Pasta To Go). Website

dalmoro01 dalmoro02 dalmoro03


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