Venice Skyline from St. Mark’s Campanile

The Venice skyline is gorgeous. Right across from St. Mark’s is the campanile (that actually reminded me of the one in Berkeley- was that inspired by this one?). For a modest fee, you take an elevator up and see all of Venice. It’s incredible, a sea of red roofs. You can see from one end of the island to the other to give you perspective on all those alleys and streets you’ve been traversing. I thought a lot about the history, even the implications of the actual St. Mark’s remains being buried in the cathedral. I didn’t go up the first time I visited and I’m glad I waited to see this with Angela. In a bit of an odd twist, I thought of Assassin’s Creed and wanted to jump across all the roofs. I’ve been thinking way too much about games of late, ha ha.

venicesk01 venicesk02 venicesk03 venicesk03b venicesk04


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