The Huffington Post Interviews Me About Science Fiction and Bald New World


This interview with The Huffington Post for Loren Kleinman’s wonderful author series is one of the highlights of my year and a tremendous honor. When the year began, I had no idea if anyone would even notice Bald New World, much less be interested in the story. I ‘m so honored and humbled at this chance to talk science fiction and baldness along with answering some wonderful questions. Thanks everyone for checking it out!

“Nick is haunted by the violence he suffered growing up and he’s disappointed when he tries to break the cycle–the cycle of violence that repeats in nations, families, and individuals–but instead loses his job, can’t afford the middle class life, and pushes his wife away as a result of his insecurity. Much of Bald New World deals with the way both he and the people around him cope with their disillusionment. There were parts that I really struggled writing because I was terrified of what people would think. After I finished the first draft, I took a month break and came back to it. Some of the parts moved me to tears as I felt a sense of freedom, like I’d broken my own cycle by writing it.”

The actual interview included several other questions like who would win between Predator and Alien, and who would I rather be stuck in a spaceship with, Larry or Nick. Though those questions were cut for space limitations of the series, those, along with the ones that made the cut, were some of the most fascination questions I’ve ever been asked. Big thanks to the Huffington Post for featuring my baldies!


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