More Photos from Burano Island

I’m posting some additional photos of Burano Island from my Nikon this time. It’s a small island, just 40 minutes by ferry from Venice. But it is definitely worth a visit. The first time I visited Venice, I was there only half a day and ended up getting stuck in St. Mark’s surrounded by tourists. My enjoyment was limited by the brevity of my time there and the tremendous heat. This second time around, we actually avoided all the tourist areas and I loved it. It’s so incredible just to be able to wander all over the city and discover small shops and alleys and churches. And we finally found some amazing Italian food! More on that later though. Burano Island was something just completely unexpected. Angela had insisted we go and me, not knowing much else, agreed reluctantly thinking it was a tourist trap. I’m glad she insisted. She wondered if the neighbors color coordinated with each other and how it originally came about (on wiki, it says the colors are coordinated through the government). It’s such a beautiful island, very small so you can make your way around most of it in an hour or two. But it also feels like you’re in a different world, something straight out of a fantasy book. I wondered about the lives of the people who lived there, their interactions, their struggles.

burano01 burano02 burano03 burano03b burano04 burano05


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