7 Strangest Alternate Endings in JRPGs at Kotaku

Hi everyone! Hope all is well! I’m on the road traveling but as we both got sick, took a few hours today to surf and catch up on the internet. I wrote this article about the 7 strangest alternate endings a few weeks back, though shortly after my resignation, knowing not only that I was moving, but leaving what has been a part of my life behind. My descriptions about Persona 4 became an allegory for a lot of my feelings.

It felt like the end of an era when I actually finished Persona 4 and I had to say goodbye to all my friends. The main character sits in the train, reflecting back on all he’d done. I’m reflecting back on the past decade, thinking of my own friends, all the time I spent trying to create some cool VFX for movies I loved. I’ll miss that time. But the train keeps on going and I can’t make it go backwards, unless somehow I set off a Chrono Trigger and jump back in time to the tune of some cool J-Pop songs. Can someone help me find that rewind button?

Big thanks to Kotaku for allowing me to share this personal piece as well as talking about the strangest endings that still strike a chord, from being able to quit the entire campaign in Suikoden 2, to actually choosing to forget all the evil in the world and live in blissful ignorance. Also, friends, forgive me before hand if I am a bit slow in correspondence.




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