15 More Obscure RPGs We Wish Had Sequels Published at Kotaku and io9

I co-wrote a list of 5 RPGs we wish had sequels that was not only published at Kotaku, but also cross-published at io9. Excited to say the least as Kotaku is one of my favorite gaming sites and I read io9 for everything science and sci-fi based. The part that I enjoyed the most was sharing all the great reader feedback as this was a list totally generated based off games Kotaku readers first mentioned in my piece on 7 Obscure RPGs. Many of the comments in this new list are mini-essays and reviews in themselves, really deep pieces describing some of their favorite RPGs. And I can’t even believe it’s almost at 100K views which is just mind-blowing. Another very cool highlight was the mention of Gladius, a game I worked on as I wrote:

“Never would I (Peter) have imagined I would actually see a game I worked on on someone’s wish list for obscure RPGs they’d like to see sequels for. I was beyond thrilled when a few readers mentioned Gladius, the strategy game from LucasArts. I was a technical artist on the game, and it was one of the best teams I’ve worked with, even though it was more than a decade ago. I loved the variety of characters and creatures, as well as the sprawling narrative. Tactical RPGs were all the rave, and the cutscenes were works of art. I still get a kick out of watching playthroughs of the game as I see many of the characters I worked on. A sequel would be a dream come true.”

Big thanks Kotaku and io9! Editor Tina Amini is amazing and such a good editor- I really enjoyed working with her. And as always, a big thanks to my co-writer, N. =)

kotakuobscurerpgszarnyypeter kotakuobscurerpgszarnyypeterio9


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