7 Thoughts on Some of the Strangeness in Silent Hill for Kotaku


Have you guys played PT yet? It’s horrifying and amazing and absolutely hypnotizing, rife with mystery. With the announcement this week of a new Silent Hill by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro starring Norman Reedus, I was inspired to write 7 Thoughts on Some of the Strangeness in Silent Hill for Kotaku. As some of you may know, one of the main reasons I joined EA was the chance to work with and share offices with the writer/character designer of Silent Hill 2, so the series means a whole lot to me. I wanted this list to be more offbeat as there’s already so much written about the games (especially SH2) and to explore some of the odder facts around it, like the connection between Silent Hill and Kindergarten Cop, ha ha. There’s also the fact that a dog is behind all the evil in Silent Hill. Seriously.



One thought on “7 Thoughts on Some of the Strangeness in Silent Hill for Kotaku

  1. How does this sound (bear with me) ….Silent Hill itself is the narrator of this story – via the broadcaster and the voice in the epilogue . This demo itself has nothing to do with the upcoming “Silent Hills” game. The “brand” Silent Hills is upset with the horror genre that has been watered down and fed to ‘GAMERS” throughout the years. With the similar methods & bland stories about some a protagonist that killed his/her family only to deny it and be in limbo until they accept their terrible deeds. “Silent hills” promises to up the ante with some new toys (Kojima/Del Toro) that itself will bring for this for this “Gamer” . During this demo we got a taste of some these new tricks i.e: when you see/hear the bathroom door banging, the one inside the bathroom is actually “you” from another reality. That’s because “you” have also been locked in the bathroom and tried opened the door after picking up the flashlight. Plus, you can also hear “somebody” walking outside of the bathroom when “you” are being locked out. We unwittingly scared ourselves from our previous actions throughout this demo because remember , “The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?” . This demo was us breaking out of the cliche horror story to become chosen to be fit for this new type of suspense/horror that will be Silent Hills.

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