“Bald New World manages to accomplish something extraordinarily rare for a debut novel: it earns Peter Tieryas Liu a spot on the list of must-read dystopian novels and puts him next to writers like Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, and Philip K. Dick.”


Big big thank to Gabino Iglesias and Editor Charles Blackstone for this phenomenal review of Bald New World at the Bookslut which has been one of my primary stop for awesome reviews and interviews throughout the years (with around195,000 to 240,000 visitors per month)! I was so honored to see the review there and read these incredibly kind words.

“Besides the rich world-building and fast pace, Bald New World is deeper than its peculiar concept might suggest. The narrative begins as a fusion of adventure story and smart sci-fi thriller, but quickly morphs into an outstanding deconstruction of self, vanity, beauty, and individuality, among other things. The first clear sign of the author’s critical agenda comes from the main premise itself: the most important commodity is fake hair because we consider it important and suddenly no one has it. While turning wig companies into the owners of the new world is a hilarious and surreal idea, it points to the fact that beauty, and the changing trends (en)forced by it, are the big motors behind the world’s economy. The commodification of wigs follows the same principles as any other product would, but by choosing a replacement for something as normal as hair as the focus of the process, the author accomplishes two things: shining a light on the ludicrousness of most commodified goods and their markets and showing that anything can undergo the same process if a sudden “need” arises, or is created… This one will definitely be making the lists as one of the best science fiction novels of the year, and it deserves to be at or near the top of all of them.”



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