7 Obscure RPGs I Wish Had Sequels at Kotaku


I was thrilled to get to talk about obscure RPGs with Kotaku readers, including some of my old favorites like Faxanadu, Battle of Olympus, and Sword of Vermilion (it’s at about 67K views which blows my mind). And it all began with a strange dream. To take from the first paragraph of the article:

I had a dream last night that I watched a secret Stanley Kubrick film that hadn’t been released yet and had just been newly discovered. It was disturbing, provocative, and weirdly humorous. In other words, awesome. I felt so sad to wake up and realize it was only a dream. It made me think of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and the library of books that writers had only dreamt about but never actually written. It would be awesome if there was a film archive from the dreams of films that directors never got to make. What about a vault of games from sequels that were only designed in dreams?



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