“Bald New World has it all: a sci-fi setting that is both probable and mesmerizing, an intriguing plot, an engaging character surrounded by others with complicated motivations, and a powerful voice unafraid to discuss the shallow obsessions that feed our fears.” Amazing Review of Bald New World at Hugo-Award Winning Site SF Signal


SF Signal is a Hugo-Award winning science fiction journal that I visit almost every other day. So I was stunned by this incredible review of Bald New World on the site. There’s a lot of really cool things going on with BNW. I’ll write more later, but one of the highlights of Comic Con was meeting my agent in person for the first time and talking about, well, everything. To come home and see this was just unbelievable. Thank you so much to SF Signal, N. Ho Sang, and Editor John DeNardo.

The strength of the narrative comes not just from the world building, but Guan’s personal journey as well. His character is unsure, struggling to come to terms with insecurities stemming from a traumatic and less than nurturing family. It leads Nick to having a troubled and unstable former marriage born of his inability to trust. Bald New World is as much a Dystopian future as it is one man’s struggle with social conventions, survival, and interpersonal relationships. It’s a story entrenched in the complications from lacking a foundation in a family, and how that can have a emotional impact, affecting various facets of life. It’s about the search for human connection and the search for self and self assurance.


(The above image is Bald New World in the new Fiction section at the Santa Monica Public Library which was awesome to see!)


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