A Review of Bald New World at Barbaric Yawp where Larry Chao from BNW Was First Published


One of the main characters in Bald New World, the filmmaker Larry Chao, first found his home in a short story called “58 Random Deaths and Unrequited Love” in 2005 in the pages of the print journal, the Barbaric Yawp. I’m gratified and honored almost 9 years later that Editor John Anthony Berbrich published a fantastic review of Bald New World within the pages of the place where BNW and Larry were born. Thanks John for an awesome review and for having given the strange story a chance back then!!! Appropriately, the last chapter of the book is called “Cycles” and it’s funny to think about the journey Larry’s had. The story was especially poignant to me because I’d been getting lots of rejections back then and it was sort of a breakthrough story to me. In short, the story is about a filmmaker who keeps on getting rejected and achieves success only after an infamous event puts him in the spotlight. I have a special place in my heart for Larry (who was in part based on my experiences as an independent filmmaker), and that’s why he was one of the main characters in Bald New World. Very stoked!


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