Tieryas Reviews Backswing by Aaron Burch at Electric Literature


I reviewed Aaron Burch’s excellent collection, Backswing from Queen’s Ferry Press at Electric Literature.

“Backswing by Aaron Burch is a provocative, melancholy, and meditative collection. The prose is riveting, the stories, strange and uncannily familiar… Burch acts as a mechanic for the broken pieces of humanity, assembling them, revving up their engines, and then driving them for the showcase.

“My wife and I have been learning golf of late. It looks much easier on television than it is in real life. The backswing is hard to master, even with tons of practice. The stroke is a complex set of movements that falls apart with even the slightest misstep. In each of the stories in Backswing, Burch sucks us into a hole and fires literary condors with an elan that makes his drives almost seem easy. Experience teaches us otherwise. I suddenly feel a zipper on my chest, want to eat car parts, and wish I could get on a train to travel across America. Burch reminds us making the par pales in comparison to iterating on one’s flawed form, seeking solace in the destitute yearnings to perfect one’s stroke.”



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