“Bald New World is just as weird and wonderful as I hoped it would be. It is dark and gritty and, at times, gruesome.” Amazing Review of Bald New World at Books Speak Volumes


Leah Mosher at Books Speak Volumes writes really awesome reviews so I was very honored at this incredible review of Bald New World. I even apologized after she wrote:

“(A weird thing about me: The idea of broken teeth makes me more squeamish than just about anything else. Possibly related: I have had two dreams about my teeth falling out in the last week. I’m blaming you, Peter.)”

I still have bad teeth dreams that cause me headaches which goes back to the time when a tooth of mine had a filling replaced. That ended up causing nerve damage that gave me splitting migraines for two straight months. Every time I went to the dentist, they told me I was fine. Finally, I changed dentists and they told me I needed a root canal ASAP. When I went into get the root canal, they applied anesthetics but the damage was so deep, I started feeling pain at a certain point so they had to stop, apply antibiotics, and have me come back. And I’m not even getting into the week after I pulled all four wisdom teeth and drank bloody soups from my own mouth every day. Yes, I have a strange relationship with teeth, ha ha. So my apologies again to Leah! And thanks to her for an amazing review! A little more from it:

“In a time when dystopia is the biggest trend in young adult fiction, Peter Tieryas Liu’s novel stands apart, being more in the vein of Aldous Huxley’s social commentary than Suzanne Collins’ love triangle-infused revolution. Electric Literature‘s review of Bald New World also compares it to Murakami’s work, which I think is an apt comparison; Liu shares his knack for building surreal but believable worlds. This is a darkly funny, highly original novel, and I would definitely recommend it to other readers who want to add some sci-fi to their literary diets.”

Make sure to read the rest at her site as well as reading the rest of her reviews which are just fantastic.



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