Writing about the strangest bathrooms in gaming at Kotaku


I wrote about the history of bathrooms, toilets, and strange games with strange bathroom scenes at Kotaku, inspired, in part, by cleaning a lot of poop for a puppy we love and Brian Ashcraft’s really amazing list of Japanese bathrooms. Seriously, felt weird writing it and weirder to share about my childhood terror of having to go bathhouses in Korea, ha ha.  Thanks beforehand to anyone for reading this strange list and a big thanks to Kotaku for publishing.

Strange stuff happens in bathrooms, both in real life and in games. Bowels are a reminder that we are organic machines that need fuel, processing, and excretion. While games are full of strange foods, there aren’t as many bathrooms and I’ve always wondered why so few RPGs have bathrooms when they’re trying to create a sense of total immersion. Is role playing only limited to the heroic? Here are the 7 strangest bathroom scenes I remember from the games I’ve played through.




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