Reading Bald New World at the Poetic Research Bureau

Reading at the Poetic Research Bureau (which Electric Lit called one of the 9 Most Innovative Reading Series) this past weekend was a real blast and I loved reading with Melissa Broder, a fantastic poet. I loved hearing some fascinating theories on what the world would be like if everyone went bald, including an idea that I want to incorporate if possible; scalp plastic surgery to have all sorts of crazy shapes. Considering plastic surgery is such a big part of the book, I’m actually surprised that I never considered it! lol. 

In doing readings, I always want to give an entertaining performance while engaging the audience. I usually read from the opening night sequence when everyone finds out they were bald, as well as the tribulation sequence with the teeth breaking. I switched up the whole Beijing sequence with a short segment from the cricket fighting which was a lot of fun to do as well.

If I were to give a few really basic pointers on readings? Really basic stuff, ha ha:

-Practice. Even if you’ve read from the same section multiple times, practice it again.

-If you can, do some kind of activity that involves the readers. I try to engage them and encourage them to take part by opening up the reading with questions and suggestions.

-Have a cup of water or wine next to you if your throat runs dry.

-Imagine if you were in the audience and you drove X amount of minutes to come out from your busy schedule, would you want to see this reading? (this is also my approach to everything I write)

The event took place in a real hip area of Chinatown that was just cool to explore at night and we grabbed some good food afterwards. Thanks to everyone who came! (and of course Angela who took these pictures!)

prb04 prb03 prbo02


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