“Peter Tieryas Liu has more than flirted with this senescent, futuristic plague; he has incubated 10 chapters comprising synthetic nefarious characters, filmmakers, researchers, religious fanatics and cricket fighters, and martial-art-efficient chopstick-assassins germinating out of literary concubines, and named such a glabrous world the obvious: Bald New World.” Beautiful review of Bald New World at Fanzine


“There is a Vietnamese proverb or maxim that states something along the line that “hair and teeth are the corners of a person’s soul.” Rang va toc la goc con nguoi! In Peter Tieryas Liu’s world, what does the soul of human existence look like when half of such a corner has gone missing or has been demolished or has to be artificially regrown? And what happens when both corners evaporate? Bald New World seems to beg this moral question: What will it take to regrow or manufacture a soul?”

Great questions, even more amazing review at the Fanzine. This review is ridiculously good and I was so ecstatic to receive it. It’s poetry, a work of art in itself, arguably more beautiful than its subject. Vi Khi Nao is one of the most lyrically compelling writers I’ve read, so this is an incredible honor. Plus, Fanzine is awesome and I’m just so thrilled to have BNW reviewed there!



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