“I must admit I was on the edge of my seat, I really wanted to know the big plan behind it all.” -An awesome reader review of Bald New World


The critical reviews of Bald New World have been great. The reader ones have been mind blowing. It’s really amazing to hear people enjoying the book, hearing their candid thoughts, describing what they liked and didn’t like. This one from Fantine on GR was pretty awesome. I loved the fact that she didn’t enjoy the opening as much, but as the book went on, it really picked up and she became engrossed. She is one of the few reviewers to mention some of the thematic parallels I make between Nick’s trials and the ones of the final antagonists:

The part where he was detained in this weird religious sect was really weird, and gross. Now that I’ve finished the book, I see the parallel between this and the fate of those children that produced hair, and how he came to change completely because of this experience.

When I read that in her review, I was so giddy that she caught all the layers I was going for. I’ve said this in other interviews that this book is essentially about family on the micro and macro level. It’s also about how we find our humanity in a totally commercialized world- and how unfortunately, that is often tied in with suffering. On a final note, I also found her thoughts on the ending very interesting as I spent a lot of time vacillating between different endings, including whether or not Nick actually ends up meeting the lost love of his life again, as well as more on the “family.” In the end, I ended up cutting over 10K words from the final draft to get it trim, but it’s good to read these thoughts. Thank you Fantine for a wonderfully thoughtful review:

At the beginning, I was not convinced, but as the story went on, I came to be obsessed with the story and finding out what happens. I love the writing, that can be funny and terribly gut-wrenching at times.



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