“Peter Tieryas Liu’s novel, Bald New World builds a dystopian future that is terrifying, clever with a sometimes beautiful exterior that is gritty in its truths. It is captivating in its visuals and storytelling of a world in chaos after everyone loses their hair.” Interview with the Observation Deck at io9


Just did an incredible interview with the Observation Deck at io9 about Bald New World, really delving into the story, the history, and the inspirations. I especially really enjoyed talking about the cultural backdrop of BNW as well as the satirical commercialism and the interfaced crickets, ha ha. Big thanks to Zarnyx for a fantastic and thoughtful interview based on a really close reading of the book. The interviews revolving around specifics of BNW really challenge me as an author to rethink and really try to understand at a deeper level the themes I was aiming for, and are the ones I find myself thinking and rethinking. I’m pasting in one piece from the interview and sincerely hope you guys enjoy reading it:

Zarnyx: There’s this stressful yet wildly imaginative portion of the novel that highlights human connectivity to crickets for sport. Without giving too much away, it channels some brutally intense form of neurological interfacing. How did this idea come about?

Tieryas: I’ve always been fascinated by bugs. If you think about it, their lives are pretty tragic. The whole of their existence is to survive long enough to propagate and die. They have no rest, are constantly scurrying for food, and many will die a violent death, whether stomped on by humans, poisoned to death, or tortured by children, who to them, will seem like goliaths of monstrosities, a force of nature similar to a hurricane without any sense of purpose or meaning. Cricket fighting became an allegory for the crisis Nick is suffering.



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