“Peter Tieryas Liu’s vision of the future, while at times comically absurd, feels not just possible, but probable, and that adds a frightening edge to what is largely playful and fun world building.” The Hairsplitter Reviews Bald New World


Big thanks to James Brubaker for this bloody brilliant review of Bald New World at a site which I think couldn’t have a more appropriate name, The Hairsplitter. It’s one of the longest BNW reviews I’ve read and all the more poignant because I loved Brubaker’s Pilot Season so much (a book I read shortly after AWP). From the review:

“…the book has its share of philosophical depth and dark moments, but that depth and darkness are intertwined with the novel’s setting, characterization, and plot that they rarely draw attention to themselves, working as parts of a remarkable whole, rather than drawing attention to themselves in a way that feels self-serious or disingenuous. Bald New World is a fun book, sure, but it’s a fun book with the kind of heart and depth that sci-fi enthusiasts have come to expect from only the very best books in the genre.”

A personal favorite reference is when he talks about the cricket fighting and compares it to Pacific Rim, but with crickets, ha ha. Awesome!!!



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