Teaching a Science Fiction and Graphic Novel Workshop

I had a blast this past weekend teaching two workshops, one on science fiction, and the other on graphic novels. It was a great crowd, and I loved just delving into the complexities of story-telling reaching back to writers like Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison, Janice Lee, Rod Serling, and of course, my own in Bald New world. One of the topics we discussed was using genre as a starting point rather than as a limitation. Preparation was key and came in real handy as I overprepared, covering only about 50% of what I wanted to talk about, ha ha. But that’s in a good way as the time went by so fast. I particularly enjoyed the Q&A where the students asked a bunch of questions about everything related to writing from finding publishers to what I thought of self-publishing (which might be the topic of my next blog post). It was a real joy to share some of the stories behind Bald New World and Dr. 2 as well. I’ll write more in the coming days!

DSC04138 DSC04212 DSC04231


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