Tieryas Reviews Double Xposure by Director Li Yu


I’ve seen a lot of strange movies in my time, but none quite like Double Xposure. Directed by Li Yu and released in China last year, it’s a murder mystery locked in a mind twist that becomes a melodrama fading in surrealism only to rediscover itself as a daughter-father bonding film.

The first third of the movie was by far the most interesting. The heroine, Song Qi, works as an assistant at a plastic surgery clinic. She’s in love with her boyfriend, Liu Dong, but suspects him of infidelity with her best friend, Xiao Xi, who has a reputation for devouring men. When Song Qi’s worst suspicions are confirmed, she murders Xiao Xi and buries her in the courtyard. Later on, when the police come to investigate, she swaps facial plans for a woman undergoing plastic surgery so that she looks identical to Xiao Xi. Song Qi tries to convince the police officer that this woman is Xiao Xi, all the while wracked by her guilt.

Full review at Entropy!




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