A 6,000 Year Old Village in China: The Banpos of Time

There was a moment in my trip to Xi’an China where I began reflecting on everything I’ve done in my entire life. It wasn’t a visit to the Terracotta Warriors, which was unbelievable. But instead, a trip to a museum that had preserved a village over 6000 years old. They had a forgotten language, art, culture, and beliefs that had all been lost with time. I saw the skeletal remains of people who I’d never know, never could even imagine. It made me think long and hard about everything I was doing in life and why I was doing it when ultimately, it would all be lost. Seriously, I’ll feel lucky if any of my works are mentioned in a footnote in a few years, much less anyone actually being interested in it 100 years later, not to mention 6000 years later! I wrote an essay about it for Entropy with a bunch of photos from the museum. It was a sobering reminder to really think about how short our lives are and to cherish every moment we’re here. Full essay with photos at the link below:

Ultimately, all of life is a big piece of shit the universe dumped out in a random moment of thwarting constipation that is still flushing its way down the cosmic toilet. This doesn’t necessarily beg the question, 6,000 years from now, will future civilizations even think of us, though that’s the very question I pondered as I visited the Banpo Museum in Xi’an, China. In part, it’s an archaeological exhibition of a village found over 6,000 years ago. In another, it’s a nebulous time warp into the past, a reflection murkier than bronze, distorted by our own biases and projections.





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